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December 08, 2006



I noticed the NYRB's "Go-Between" on a site recently. As you've mentioned it I'm even more motivated to order it (since it definitely won't be in stock anywhere here).


My parents tell me, incidentally, that one of their college friends managed to fit a collection two or three times bigger than mine into a one-bedroom apartment.

On a purely practical note, did they mention how this feat was achieved? One suspects that the college friend might not have been enamoured of such adiaphora as actually seeing the floor or having somewhere to sleep!

Surely "The Go-Between" is generally available in paperback, Imani? It's been a set text at A Level over here in the past few years, so there's bound to be an up to date Penguin edition.

John Thomas McGuire

I would agree that Doctorow`s book stands as a more impressive achievement that Brooks`s tome. It really makes Sherman`s march come alive. "March" was striking in parts, but struck me overall as too diffuse to be truly memorable.


Not in Canada Wegie. Chapters (our chain booktore here) has the NYRB edition listed but unavailable for order. I suppose the local indie may have it, but it's doubtful. I'd have to go to Amazon.


Oakley Hall's Warlock blew my socks off this year too.

Jenny D

Nice list! I started making mine last night also & was struck with the need to come up with some more entertaining and relevant organizing scheme than I had last year, yours is quite inspiring... Hmmm... we will see...

Watch out for that mold!

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