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January 09, 2007


Stephen Brown

I'd love to see the movie. Too bad I live in the middle of nowhere. No major city around me is showing it or intends to show it.

John Thomas McGuire

"The Queen" might be the best movie of 2006. Unfortunately, besides the apparent Oscar for Helen Mirren, and perhaps an award for best screenplay, I doubt that this small, intelligent, intricate film will beat out competitors like "Dreamgirls" for best picture. One can only hope....

Jonathan Dresner

I actually saw it, on the airplane coming back from the AHA. I did miss a bit in the middle -- though you really don't need sound during that stag sighting -- but thought it was quite good, for what it was.

I do have one quibble, though: maybe it was the angle, or something, but the final frozen image of Diana looked positively sinister to me. Blair's conversion is presaged by any number of suggestions that Diana wasn't as nice in private as she was in public, and ultimately she comes across as, at best, a terrible fit for the Royals.

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