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March 24, 2007



It appears there's quite a lot of Yonge on Project Gutenberg -- what would be a good pick to get a feel for her stuff?


Yonge's biggest bestseller was the Heir of Redclyffe, which had a huge readership on both sides of the Atlantic. (The novel's appeal becomes part of a humorous setpiece in Alcott's Little Women.) The Daisy Chain was also hugely popular, although I've noticed that modern readers don't find it as readable as the Heir; in any event, the novel generated two sequels. Heartsease isn't bad, either. And The Clever Woman of the Family has been resuscitated with relative success in a couple of modern editions.


The CMYF website is a mine of information, with links to online texts of the novels (Project Gutenberg and others) and an online edition of her letters.


I think Clever Woman is the most readable of those three (also the most mockable, given its memorable indictment of croquet) but I love The Daisy Chain a lot, as well as its sequel, The Trial.

Her children's historicals are also extremely interesting. Of those, Grisly Grisell (Wars of the Roses) and The Dove in the Eagle's Nest (medieval Germany) are very enjoyable. Those I have seen in reprints from, I think, the 20s or so. (I'd have to check.)


(And now, Miriam, are you going to post a comprehensive review for civilian enthusiasts telling us which of your religious novels are actually fun, quirky reads, as opposed to slogs? Inquiring minds want to know.)

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