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April 15, 2007


Jonathan Dresner

Have you considered a temporary mobile storage unit? In some towns you can get this remarkable service: they will bring the storage container to your house, park it in the driveway, then pick it up again when you're done un/loading it. The price is usually pretty competitive with other storage facilities, if memory serves.


Just set them on fire. It'll help dry out the basement, too.


Do this in stages, leaving all books in your biography room, office and living room in place for now. Pull out and store in your office any books for which you have an immediate need. Then:
1. Purchase 150 strong storage boxes.
2. Empty the bookcases in the family room into boxes and stack the boxes five high in your biography room, dining room, bedroom and living room.
3. Paint, re-finish the family room floor and then install new bookcases.
4. Transfer boxed books into new bookcases, then books from the bookcases in biography room, etc.
5. Repeat the process with each room. Most of your books will fit into the new library and you will have room in the library to stack any remaining boxed books.


A bed of books? a vault of volumes? just think of the architectural possibilities.


Put them high enough in the basement so that the will not get wet if water enter the basement. Get a dehumidifier and run it non stop.

Will get rid of nasty smells, too.

Of course, bonfire of the vanities is always a good idea...

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