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June 23, 2007



Wow. Just wow.

Here's what I don't understand: Why would someone peddle their wares as an autobiography when it so obviously isn't?

Did no literature instructor in their lives ever teach them about the meaning of "genre" to the writing craft? [If my students are any indication, the answer may indeed be a NO.]

I agree that artists should be able to use pseudonyms, but these situations go far beyond that.

Fiction is not non-fiction. Full stop. End of story. Fin.


Well, non-fiction sells better than fiction.

Of course, there is a tradition of this kind of hoax. I'm thinking of the rather fun story of Naked Came the Stranger.

Larry Doyle

Wildly off topic, but would that be Larry Zygmunt from St. Viator High School? (we had a little "Hello Larry" thing we'd do in the hall) My mother taught him chemistry and such- she'd love to hear from him again.

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