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July 05, 2007


Bourgeois Nerd

Couldn't you have just changed your argument to "the articulations of anti-Catholicism were strangely static and stable throughout the period I researced"?


Would it be fair to say that the change is not in the arguments themselves, but in the type of people who deploy those arguments? In other words: anti-Catholic rhetoric starts off by being the common currency of the English Protestant nation; it ends up as the tribal language of a small group of Protestant sectarians? So if you put an ultra-Protestant sermon of 1850 alongside an ultra-Protestant sermon of 1900, you'd think nothing had changed at all; yet there is actually a seismic shift away from traditional anti-Catholic attitudes. (This is only a working hypothesis, and I suspect the emergence of Home Rule ('Rome Rule') as a big political issue in the 1880s may complicate things quite a bit.)


Yes, I think that's an excellent way of putting it.

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