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September 26, 2007


Glen Breeze

not so much a comment as a link - "Looking for Lewis Carroll" ( One of the most scholarly sites on the web - best resource for examining the current controversy of the "Carroll Myth" - carries articles from all the major players on both sides of the debate - Cohen, Gardner, Leach, Lebailly etc. Interesting review by Donald Rackin of "In the Shadow of the Dreamchild" - and response to it from Leach


And really, even in the less evangelical mainstream children's fiction--MacDonald, Alcott, all of Dickens, on up through Frances Hodgson Burnett--there's quite a bit of suffering to be sympathized with. I always found that to be part of the appeal! It is for the characters in those books, too, who usually find someone poorer and more helpless or friendless than themselves to look after.


I recently finished a collection of Breton folktales that were very Catholic (the Virgin Mary ranking as the most popular heavenly visitor/aid) and also featured an ending or two in which goodly Christians in danger were saved by, well, being killed and taken to heaven.


Scott's post is a hoot; I love the idea of a 10 month academic job. Wish I had one! Of course, some faculty do have the privileges he critiques; but that broad brush tars others with unfair dirt.

In your studies, don't you find such sweeping generalizations as irritating as I do (in a vastly different field)? Isn't there a mass of people out there who regard Victorians as having it all good, clean, pure? Don't you expend a lot of energy demonstrating that it wasn't all glory and sweetness?

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