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September 22, 2007


Richard Heft

A NIGHT AT THE HEART OF DARKNESS: Kaufman and Ryskind meet Joseph Conrad. After learning that Captain Spaulding has disappeared in the Congo, Harpo and Chico head far upriver in search of the African explorer, only to find him running a burlesque theatre in the jungle. Closing number: "The Schnorrer, The Schnorrer!" With Humphrey Bogart as Marlow.


I read your comments on Working Students that you made in August 2005.
I'm currently working on a project regarding working students at the university of California and I would greatly appreciate it if I could discuss it with you. Your experience as an Academic Adviser at UCI would be very interesting to me. I hope we can connect. Please feel free to email me.


Rick Ritchie

"How Green Was My Valley of the Dolls"

Jacqueline Susan meets Richard Llewellyn. Some say it's based loosely on the life of Judy Garland, and the day her house landed in Wales. Her non-acceptance into a Welsh men's choir, despite her stunning voice, led her into a downward spiral. Unable to perform, she takes a job in a mine, until a cave-in where the wall falls in crushing her legs. A young Huw (Roddy McDowell) grabs her ruby slippers, returns to Kansas, and charms Auntie Em with such numbers as "Cwm Rhondda" and "Suo Gan."

In a sequel, "Beyond the Valley of the Apes," McDowell appears again, this time as a flying monkey, in a strange world where monkeys rule, and witches serve them.

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