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October 19, 2007



This is a cat rule: find the chair that will show the shed most, and occupy it as frequently as possible.

Your cat looks like my late Will'm, whom I miss terribly. So give yours a scratch in his name, 'k?

Dr. Weevil

That's the same chair (in the same color) I bought a few months ago at Staples after butt-testing every chair in the store priced under $150 -- very comfy. Mine doesn't have a cat on it, though.


This is why I replaced my office chair with a hard wooden one.

So Pepper doesn't sit on the chair anymore; instead he sits on my desk. Usually on top of a stack of papers or other essential items.

Red Room Librarian

You just have to move aside. The cute furry ones are always in charge!

What a cute cat!


Yes, but the current occupant has such a pet-able belly that it must be hard to displace him.

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