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April 27, 2008



Count me as someone who found it both utterly boring and utterly absorbing, but for different reasons, when it was assigned in high school. I think that I loaded more into the novel's most obvious hook - the strange disappearances (coupled with the film's whole soft-focus ooziness) - and thus found the actual novel and the boring "real explanation" appended subordinate to my wild speculations.

Also, it was presented to us as "faction" or whatever the horrible neologism was, which was something an Internet search unfortunately set that additional appeal to rest quickly (young enough to have had that option).

I really should read it again, since I feel I encountered it (and the film) in an entirely superficial manner.


This movie haunts me. (I haven't read the novel.) Even Mrs. Appleyard's ridiculously overdone pouf of a hairdo, which deflates as her alcoholism increases, contributes to the film's sense of a hollow facade collapsing slowly in on itself, as your post suggests.

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