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July 15, 2008



Dear LP, I, too, found the novel to be frustrating for many of your reasons, but also for the fact that its gothic elements seem superimposed on the text merely to add another layer to the story of Danny's betrayal of his cousin. No one feels too deeply and everyone, except for Danny, comes out all right. Quasi-gothic? Pseudo-gothic? PoMo gothic? The power of Danny's story for the other prisoners seems to rely very heavily on the question of its truth or fiction, but in itself it is not that compelling. The truly disturbing events happen...and then are gone,don't matter. And finally, the too neat balance of cave and underground tunnels was too much for me. While I enjoyed reading this novel, I did wish it had a little more depth, and a few more consequences for the characters.


LP, I don't agree with that "until the final pages" --I think the novel's coda is also written by Ray.


Josh: I can buy that argument...

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