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July 24, 2008


Bourgeois Nerd

I always enjoy it when even you, whose professional life is dedicated to horrible Victorian fiction, hits even greater levels of suck. Because I'm evil.


We need the Razzies for Victorian fiction, no?

The Vickies? Or perhaps the Lyttons?

Amateur Reader

I can imagine a general-interest book coming out of this. Like the memoir of an African explorer - "I Read the Unreadable!"


I have spent some considerable time with really bad nineteenth century fiction myself (_Rosaline de Vere_, anyone?) but I have to say that, by uncovering this, err, effort, you have put anything I have ever gotten through in the shade. _Florence_ is undoubtedly the worst.


Are you sure this wasn't one of those Google Books mis-scans? Was this a physical book? Perhaps it was a bindery error? Google didn't invent the idea of mixing miscellaneous pages and even entire documents into the expected sequence of pages.


Alas, the book was physically present.

Adam Roberts

"I should name that award. We need the Razzies for Victorian fiction, no?"

The Triple Dreckers.

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