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October 09, 2008


Todd Mason

Otto Penzler, the series editor, is famous for his catholic taste in crime fiction ("fiction involving crime"), and I'm sure the BEST AMERICAN folks at Houghton Mifflin are only too happy to encourage him to go to the edges as much as possible for the semifinalists he culls for the ever-changing final editor...hence the greater probability of stories from MANOA and WITNESS and VIRGINIA QUARTERLY REVIEW than from EQMM or THE STRAND in any given volume. I haven't looked around your site to check, but did you see the Gorman/Greenberg annual for this year yet? Happily, they're subcontracting to Sarah Weinman to troll the webzines for them, to reach out in another direction, so that the two annuals complement each other.


I did read the Gorman/Greenberg anthology, but didn't write it up here.

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