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March 30, 2009



Interesting, professional analysis of this latest BBC adaptation of LITTLE DORRIT which I saw on DVD and partly liked. I'm so greatly interested in Victorian literature I often pass by and read your posts to find out more and get an expert outlook on to that era. I also would like to buy some of the books you've displayed in your left column and I used some of the links you suggested.
Thanks, professor, from a "humble" Italian High School teacher.


I looked at your tvtropes link and had to scroll quite a ways down the page before I saw something non-anime related. Does this say something about Japanese culture or wiki culture?

Student Mum

I agree, Davies's adaptions are more often than not 'sexed up' however, on a positive note, watching this adaptation led my 10yr old daughter to ask for the audio version of Little Dorrit for Xmas. We duly got her the unabridged, several hundred hour version, expecting it to gather dust on the shelf - to date she has listened to it all the way through at least 4 times! So the adaptations to engage a 'new' audience.

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