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June 05, 2009



Oh, I shouldn't have read this. Now I want to go buy the book (as a massive Sarah Waters fan), but actually don't have the time for it. Oh well, guess I'll have to make some for the book.


Hello! I've been quietly reading and enjoying your blog for years. As it happens I finished Little Stranger last night, and agree with your analysis, although mine was much less thorough: I thought that the "something loose in that house, some sort of ravenously frustrated energy" was born not--as he thinks at the time--of Caroline's sexuality but of his own class resentment and paradoxical envy. I thought it a marvelous twist on the usual, the more so because it never seems to occur to him.


Yes! I just finished the book this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed your comments. I'm a Waters fan but began unsure of this book; it turned out to be much better than expected, for the reasons you explain here.


Thankyou for your review I really agree with your comments and am glad that someone has the literay talent to express what I have been thinking about this book

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