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July 21, 2009



I've been toying with reading this book as I have been looking for something like Daphne (Justine Picardie) but for the Brontes, but have hesitated. Based on your review, I might look elsewhere for my done of Bronteana (maybe A Taste of Sorrow).

Personally, I can't over the notion that has been firmly embedded in my head for years that CB settled for Nicholls because she wanted some of what Elizabeth Gaskell had.

Deborah H

I just finished reading this book, and I loved it! I disagree with everything this critic has said. I was transported and could not put the book down. I felt as if I was reading Charlotte's actual words. I learned so much about the Brontes.

All the characters felt very real to me. The way the author depicts Charlotte's relationship with her sisters is wonderful. The section about Monsieur Heger is terrific. What a fascinating and complicated man he was! I grew to truly love Mr. Nicholls as the book progressed, through Charlotte's eyes--just as the author intended, I imagine.

To see a review that does this book justice, go to:

Like that reviewer, I did not want this book to end.

Or check out all the many praiseworthy comments on the author's lovely website,


I stopped reading on page 262 because of the horrible mistakes in the French "quotes"! Charlotte wrote French perfectly, and I can't understand why neither Ms. James nor her publishers bothered to have the French text corrected by a native speaker...

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