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September 30, 2009



"Mama," said young Protestant Percy,
"Whatever has come over Nursie?
She's asked Uncle Claude
For a copy of Maude,
Or, The Anglican Sister of Mercy

"My child," said Mama, "Not a word!
There are depths that are best left unstirred.
One day you'll know all,
But till then, pray recall,
Little boys should be seen and not heard."

(From Eric Mascall, 'The English Home in Danger')


If you haven't done it already (and can dig up the old post), would you please tell us how you happened to wind up in this particular specialty, and what kind of reaction you get when you try to explain what you do to the laity at parties?

Andrew Sellon

My thanks to Arnold for the delicious verse from Eric Maskell concerning Maud.
I will be keeping a copy in the same folder as I keep an account of stink bombs exploding during the sermon of a Puseyite Sellon rector, Rev’d William Storer Sellon, a relative of Priscilla Lydia Sellon, at his church at Kettlebaston, Suffolk, in 1899.

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