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November 22, 2009



This? Is pure genius and worth chortling over stardate after stardate!

Jeremy Boggs

If you use the Kobayashi Maru scenario in class, you should be on your toes.


I love this!! Oh god - so funny.


I'm not a Star Trek fan but did spend most of my life as a college instructor, so I've encountered many grade complaint e-mails. I doubt I would have had Professor Notagain's tolerance. This is a delight!


I'm late on this, but very funny!

Only a human unfamiliar with the importance of organization would fail to see that Eliza, alone of all the novel's characters, truly perceives the need for logical order in every aspect of life.

I too loved Eliza Reed. And I love Vulcans! (And by "love" I mean "appreciate the good qualities of.")

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