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November 28, 2009



In my best Queen Victoria "we are not amused" voice--

Good Heavens, when will this nonsense end?

Ray Girvan

Mind you, Kim Newman did this way back (with a lot of pleasant intertextuality) with his Anno Dracula series, in which the Prince Consort is Count Dracula rather than Prince Albert.

Elton Yon

There is rumor that Prince Charles is a vampire... rumor also that Camilla is a reincarnation of Liz Bathory.

Ray Girvan

Well, *obviously*. Just deleting the r from Ca(r)milla is about as weak a disguise as calling yourself Count Alucard.

Ray Girvan

Then again, maybe she just deleted the "r" from Ca(r)milla ...

Ray Girvan

Oops, sorry - thought post hadn't worked.

Elton Yon

How did you know I am Count Alucard? Have you been phishing?

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