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November 04, 2009



Oh! Oh! Oh my dear! Such loveliness! Such books! Such design, such... what? What? Is that... empty space on your shelves?

Obviously, you have need of more, more, ever more books!

Bourgeois Nerd

All those lovely shelves... Jealous!

Sorry about The Silmarillion. Like I said, I'm like the only person in the world who liked it more than LotR itself.

Sherman Dorn

My 17-year-old daughter's reaction: "I hope that my college's library looks like that, only with more science fiction."

That puts my library (a part of which are here) to shame; you can see another shot here, on Grant Writing Confidential, but I have ~500 books, as opposed to thousands.

German Grad

I've been following your blog for a little while, but have never commented on anything, but the sight of such a lovely collection is enough to break my lurking.

Also, there's a professor in my department who has a book coming out next year on 18th and possibly 19th century German-Jewish popular fiction. Though his focus is on the construction of German-Jewish identity he may have come across Anglo-Jewish periodicals in the course of his research. Let me know if you're interested and I can forward along his information.

chasing bawa

Your first and last pictures look like something from the Bodleian! Beautiful.


I love the Trollopes. I have a number of the books in that edition. My goal was to get (and, eventually, read) all of them. Still working on that.

Wonderful pictures--thanks for sharing!

For your Disraelis, instead of restoring the bindings, have you thought about the book boxes or wraps available from a library supplier like Gaylord (others are Demco & Highsmith, I checked Gaylord's site because it came to mind first)? You can get off-the-rack clamshell or drop-spine boxes if they will fit, or kits with precut board to make wrappers if you don't mind a bit of crafting. They might not look so gorgeous but your books would be protected.

George Kelley

The picture of the Trollopes could have been taken at my house. I love the Oxford University Press editions. I have a few Penguin editions sprinkled in, too.

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