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December 13, 2009


Ellen Moody

I see you're changed your picture. So have I in a couple of places -- now it's a still of Tabu as Ashima playing a tambura in Namesake.

Onto my comment: I have friends whose husbands mark their papers with them. Others who enlist grown children. I too have thought of hiring someone but it would be counterproductive financially. I console myself my students like my comments. Some of them do. This term has gone well for me (vis-a-vis relationships with students).



I just found your blog, and I have been looking around and found it to be pretty interesting. So I have to ask: Do you actually purchase all the books listed under "This week's acquisitions?" (I would love to purchase that many books every few weeks, but I would go broke doing that. So I must limit myself to a few books each month--but I still am going broke in the process! And do you read all these books?

I am going to check out some of your favorites listed under 2009.

And finally I have to say that I am such a fan of the Victorian age in literature. Middlemarch is one of my all-time favorite books. Though I do enjoy Tolstoy as well (I am about halfway through Anna Karenina as I never read it as a kid). I also love Dostoevsky though I am not sure how Victorian he is. I read The Portrait of a Lady this year, and I was not such a fan of James!

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