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April 02, 2010



Even if, like the LP, you are constitutionally predisposed to silence, attend the big conference dinners and keynote presentations. This is a professional event, and you need to mingle, network, etc.

Yep. And walk the book exhibition hall and the lobby.

I like to get a single hotel room, even if that means staying in a non-conference hotel to save some bucks. If I'm going to get my introverted self "out there" and mingle under the microscope--and I am--then I like to have somewhere I can really unwind inbetweentimes.

Nice list throughout!


I'm with you for every single one but that related to the keynote. I've only attended a couple and generally at smaller and more intimate conferences. I admit that I'm not a big networker (and I should get better) but I envision a lot of boredom at the end of a long and academic day. Do you REALLY meet and mingle with other people in the know??


Excellent advice, except that, like Blake, at the end of a long day of listening to other people pontificate, I usually can't take listening to the keynote presentations.

Christopher Vilmar

Boring keynotes are the best, if you're sitting sufficiently far enough to the back to mock them in whispers at your table.

I've made a couple of key friends in the profession that way.


What great advice. Thanks for the pointers ^^

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