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April 28, 2010



Haha! I loved reading this. One of my best memories from uni were sitting in the offices of my lecturers and gaping at all the books they had on the wall. It was so utterly fascinating. Perhaps a picture or two would be a very nice inclusion? :-)


Too many books to fit in the house but can't get/don't want to get a new house?

The solution seems perfectly


There is a cartoon showing the solution to this problem on the page linked (note: it is a long page and the cartoon is at the very bottom):


Many giggles and much self recognition while reading this. You get this at the office; I get it at home with books, cats & dogs chiming in. Noisy around here...


Portions read aloud to spouse. Uneasy hilarity ensued.

(All discussions touching on The Book Issue, however lighthearted, involve an irreducible element of uneasiness, for reasons I don't have to explain to anyone reading in this space.)


I'm glad I'm not the only person who talks to books...

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