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July 29, 2010


John Mark Ockerbloom

After all that, I'm wondering if it would be kind or cruel to tell you where the second volume is hiding on Google Books.


red phone booth for time travel? Don't you mean a blue police box? or am I getting my pop culture references confused?


JMO: I just found it. Now, where did volume 3 go?

S: It's quite possible that my pop culture refs are confused ;)


A-ha! Volume 3 is on (Now I can read something else in the Sadleir Collection.)

Mr Punch

More Sterne than Fielding, apparently. There was a warning, you know.


I'd be interested in reading about how you got into this particular corner of literature. Would others like to know?


Mr Punch, I imagine Miriam saying to Shee, with a Texan accent, "You, sir, are no Lawrence Sterne." Or perhaps Shee, in a voice resembling a parody of Woody Guthrie's, "I said, 'Lawrence Sterne digressed too'; she said, 'You ain't him!'"


With readers' reports being the way that they sometimes are, I wonder if one of your essays has ever been returned with comments suggesting that some other group of wholly unknown Victorian novels are what anyone remotely familiar with the subject should have been citing, etc. (I would ask how you felt about this, had it happened, but I can guess.)

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