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December 31, 2010


Patrick Murtha

I enjoyed this! A clever idea, well executed.

Diane LaBarge

OMG, this is delicious! Thank you so much!


This is like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 without having to watch the movie. That makes it even better. It's stuff like that this that makes one appreciate the classics.


"High Calvinism necessarily leads to a life of gambling and "vice," in case you were wondering."

Has the author been reading Hogg as well as Scott?

Ray Girvan

If you simply must torment yourself with this sort of thing, I recommend "Grace Dorrien: A Tale" that's in Tait's Edinburgh Magazine, 1856 (see ). The author is uncredited, but it's very much in the same vein - densely erudite romance with religious axe to grind (the awfulness of Independent Chapels). An example of the mind-numbingly digressive style:

"It was in the provinces–it was in Huntingdonshire, though neither at Ramsey, nor at St.Neots, nor at St. Ives, nor at Whittlesea–in fact I shall not say precisely where it was–but it was in the fens somewhere– ..."

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