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October 15, 2011


nigel holmes

Quotation marks (even around a single word) seem to work for me on German google. E.g. "nam" for 'nam and not name, please'. But Google seems to change how its search fields work (not just their search algorithms) irregularly.


Putting things in quotation marks sometimes works...and sometimes doesn't; it seems to depend on whether or not the search triggers whatever algorithm tells Google "hey, shouldn't this person be looking for X?"


Putting a + sign in front of the search term tells Google to search for exactly the search term you typed and not try to second-guess you.

The default Google page I get is the Polish version so I also have to select results "only in English" in "search options", otherwise I get a lot of results from Polish fishing websites ("popery" is the polonized version of "poppers" which are some kind of fishing lure).

John Holbo

Do you ever have a problem with anti-potpourri literature corrupting your searches? (But you probably don't use voice recognition software.)

Ang Gilham

Google quietly and nastily changed its search algorithm last week. The + is now only used to refer to things in google+; providing results as if you had mispelled something is now turned on by default (ugh) -- thus property instead of popery, and only quotes around a word or phrase will force the search for that word/phrase as spelled.

It's as if everybody at Google had forgotten the damn thing's origins as a usable academic search engine and decided to provide the anti-search engine instead.

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