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November 05, 2011



Cynthia Ozick thought Himmelfarb's *Jewish Odyssey of George Eliot* was "a prescient rebuke to Sartre and Said." I don't know exactly what Ozick was referring to in that earlier book, but as Himmelfarb's scholarly perspective usually reflects her conservative poliltical viewpoint, I'm curious if that's the case in this new work.


I wrote too quickly. Ozick's point was that *Daniel Deronda*, not Himmelfarb's book, was a prescient rebuke to Sartre's and Said's positions about otherness. Still, this must have been Himmelfarb's point, too.

Ray Girvan


Sorry, I shouldn't tell you this, but ever since I encountered that word, the context that springs up unbidden has always been "Philosemite Sam".

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