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May 30, 2012



I quite appreciate Yale's pricing structures - I've found a number of books not unreasonable in hardback and quite affordable (to adopt for a class text) in paperback. Chicago's pricing is very good and they provide excellent electronic editions.

If the university presses are pricey, the non-university academic book prices drive me to tears. When it's a brand new book, unavailable via ILL, I've been forced to shell out, regardless but I'm donating the books, once I'm finished, to my library so some poor scholar who follows in my footsteps won't have to do the same.

Gosforth Pagan

The fault was letting the accountants with dogmas in.
In the 40's and 50's of last century the immense profits made from textbooks and Flimflam were used to subsidise the "serious" researched tomes. The pay-off for the Publishers was prestige. New ownership and the accountants soon valued the prestige at 0.

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