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July 20, 2012



I thought the addition of zombies worked pretty well though.


Yes! This is my biggest problem with these makeovers too. They totally disregard the plot and the characterization. I mean, they could have at least picked Mansfield Park where the extra-marital sex is the whole point. That said, the one silver lining I've found in the various mash-ups between a classic author's prose and new inserted scenes is that comparing the two is a great way to teach students about prose style. I've used P&P & Zombies in class pretty effectively for that.

Nigel Holmes

What happens in the television Deronda? I remember my surprise at the passage where her new husband kisses her beneath her ear. It seemed to go beyond the kind of things a Victorian novelists were willing to actually describe. (I imagine that the reader's shock at the violation of the literary norm paralleled Gwendolen's realisation of the actuality of marriage.)

Nigel Holmes

My question about what happens was just puzzlement about whether you meant premarital sex, which I (wrongly, I hope) thought the post implied.


Nigel: I don't know which version you saw, but the unedited UK version had, um, a bit more in the way of postmarital activity.

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