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October 27, 2012



Great comment.

I saw the film without benefit of having read the novel. I saw a work I enjoyed very much, but which seemed to be just a compilation of various film genres. My initial reaction was to see this as a weakness, upon reflection perhaps it is an artistic success.

Here are the six films I saw:

1) 1849 Ewing- Steven Spielberg in his more highminded mode, think AMISTAD and (probably) the forthcoming LINCOLN.

2) 1936 Frobisher/Sixsmith- A Merchant/Ivory adaptation of a lost E.M. Forster story.

3)1973 Luisa Rey- A blaxploitation version of THE CHINA SYNDROME. This seems as much a film FROM the 70's as a film ABOUT the 70s. Once the DVD comes out expect some clever wiseass to rescore the chase scene to the theme from SHAFT and put it on YouTube.

2012 Cavenish- CUCKOO'S NEST, as you note, but reimagined as a sort of latter day Ealing comedy.

2144 Somni- STAR WARS, as you note. The same wiseass can rescore the battle scenes to John William's SW score.

Far Future Zachry/Meronym-LORD OF THE RINGS. When M and Z are questing through the mountains I half-expected them to meet Frodo and Gandalf coming the other way. Also, with the technology M has availalble to her why can't she locate the observatory (if that is what it is)and be transported there without local assistance?


I was definitely thinking Merchant/Ivory for Frobisher/Sixsmith (Maurice being a possibility, complete with the working-class lover coming in and out the window). And you're right, the Ewing section definitely looks like a Spielberg-style biopic.


sunt lacrimae rerum et mentem mortalia tangunt: I'm having very mixed feelings about the prospect of going to see it, and this has been the most helpful review to date. Thank you!

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