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November 20, 2012



It would also complicate things if Piper took things back farther than Augustine. What about Socrates' worries about having books as physical objects at all? The book as a fixed, graspable object can raise similar issues of "solipsism," rather than real interaction between people: books, unlike their authors, can't answer questions, but just say the same thing over and over again.

Brian Ogilvie

Nicely put! I was reading Jim O'Donnell's book Avatars of the Word over the weekend, where Jim makes the point that ever since the transition from roll to codex, book producers and readers have striven to make non-linear access to their contents easier and easier, with indexes, running heads, marginal notes, etc. The Eusebian canon tables are an early example.

Jacqui Howard

"with optional cat wandering in front of the screen"--mine is not so optional! At 4.50 pm almost precisely, she moves in between the keyboard and screen, sitting upright to look directly at me, and remaining there until I take her for another walk before her evening meal.

I do so enjoy your posts.


This is interesting--I find one of the frustrating things about e-readers is that it's harder to skim. Or at least skim effectively. Codex is much better for a rapid overview of structure, argument, etc.

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