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December 17, 2012



I did an exercise with a history of the English language course a couple of years ago in which I gave them the First Folio, the No Fear "original" text, and the No Fear "translation" of, I think, Richard III. The students were outraged -- it was pretty cool.


It’s partly our fault, Professor Burstein. We English professors have painfully taught our students, over many decades, to read for the content. We ourselves have dispensed with the style. Why should we be surprised that some enterprising commercial site, hoping to cash in on our intellectual habits, is doing the same?

Michael Hendry

I thought it was funny that the adapter was willing to put in the 'Hell' that Dickens carefully omitted, but would not go so far as to capitalize it to match 'Heaven'.


Ugh, this sort of thing makes my stomach turn.

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