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January 05, 2013


Michael Hendry

Prussia or Russia? You say that Russia is more frequent, but I think you can add another argument in its favor. Textual critics follow the principle utrum in alterum: which of two readings would be more likely to be altered to the other one? When dealing with someone named 'Germains' or 'Germans', association of ideas would make it much easier for a careless scribe to write 'Prussia' for 'Russia' than the other way around.

Reynolds Potter

Hats off to M-O-M.


Prussia/Russia- whichever it was, isn't it likely Adolph came from what was historically Poland?
Any idea of Mrs Germain's maiden name?
Adolph may have had an erratic financial career, but it looks like he came good: £1050 was a pretty good estate in 1908.


We've not been able to find Emma's birth or marriage records yet.

It wouldn't be surprising if he was from Poland, no.

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