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January 31, 2013



Boy, would I have liked to be able to have taken such a course when I was an undergraduate.

Have you heard of Black Coat Press? They specialize in translations of vintage French genre literature (mystery, thriller, SF, fantasy)into English. Some of their stuff is Sherlockian. For example this is from 1909 (yes,there were pasticles in French even before the canon was complete!)

Black Coat also has some contemporary fiction originally written in English,including at least one modern Sherlockian pastiche.

The main page on their website is here:

I don't have any of the Black Coat Sherlockian stuff, but I have some of their other books and recommend them highly.

Now, if someone would just start a publisher specializing in translations of vintage German genre literature...


The Jeremy Brett version of Scandal in Bohemia is available on Youtube.


Thank you.

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