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March 14, 2013



Hi, I am from Australia.
Please find an essay which gives a unique Understanding of the fabricated origins and institutional political purposes of the "New" Testament. The author was thoroughly familiar with all of the latest scholarship re the origins of the "New" Testament, and with the entire Christian tradition.

There are two paragraphs in this essay give a unique perspective on the origins of the persecution of the Jews by Christians.

Plus an intoduction to the authors literary work, and its cultural significance.


Whoops - I left the reference out:


...Let's not do this here, please.

Mr Punch

Today, of course,all this is further complicated by anti-Zionism and the fact that Arabs are Semitic too.


Except that the self-defined antisemites didn't coin the term to discriminate against Arabs--just as a spiffier way to justify discrimination against Jews.

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