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September 07, 2013


Michael Hendry

Aren't "old-fashioned conservative values" sometimes called "Victorian values"? If so, does that help you a bit, being a Victorianist and all? I mean, wouldn't people laugh out loud at your disapproval if your field were Petronius or Lord Rochester or the Marquis de Sade?


" it is unacceptable to say anything negative about the candidate or the candidate's project, unless there is something so sublimely awful that even the least delicate of souls would quail at the prospect of sharing a department with said individual. "

Doesn't that sometimes inspire enthusiastic recommendations actually- anything to get them out of the recommender's department and into someone- anyone- else's?


Possibly, although the one time I can think of where it was immediately clear that the department WANTED TO BE RID OF HIM/HER NOW, the letters did...not look like that.

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