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December 04, 2013



If you enjoy the Sherlock Holmes tradition, you might enjoy Michael Kurland's new book (February 2014 release), Who Thinks Evil: A Moriarty Mystery.

I had misgivings about reading the ARC that was sent to me for a reviewing assignment, but I ended up enjoying it quite a bit. Check it out.

BTW, I very enjoy your blog. I discovered it only the other day, but I am quickly becoming a fan.

Not, without further comment, I must return to reading and grading end-of-semester writing assignments. Yuck!

Scott GF Bailey

Hello, if you are in any way serious about teaching The Astrologer, I would be happy to let you have the kindle version to distribute to your class. The book is, alas, now out of print (my publisher decided to close their doors after three years) so there are no longer print copies available. Let me know about the ebook, though. Thank you for reading and mentioning my little book!


I am indeed serious, although it will probably be Fall 2014 before I have the opportunity (I've done my rotation in this course for the year).


BTW, please ignore and forgive the errors in my earlier comment. I am a horrible keyboarder, and I am worse at proofreading. My students would love the irony.


2 Felixes at the beginning of the list made me wonder if all the mentioned authors would have that name! (I wonder if Scott GF is concealing one as well.)

"Favorite novel I approached with some trepidation" is a wonderful category. Lots here to investigate.


Have you read D J Taylor's Victorian novels, Kept and Derby Day? I'm halfway through Kept and would be interested in your views.


Georgia: I wrote about Kept here: Kept. Derby Day is still on the "to-read" list.


Sorry! I did Google site search for Taylor and didn't see it. I'll hold off reading your notes until I've finished the book.

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