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February 01, 2014



Well the obvious- to me- omissions are Clough, with Lear and Carroll. It ain't a bundle of laughs, so the last two especially. I'd add Henley's translations of Villon into thieves' slang for variation. How much did Hardy write- even if he didn't publish- in Victoria's reign?
But above all, NO D.G. ROSSETTI!


...There are two days on D. G. Rossetti.

Hardy sits at this weird junction between the Victorians and the Modernists, depending on whether you're reading his poetry or his fiction. I'm expecting him to show up in the TBAs.

I've taught Clough before, and something about his work doesn't seem to resonate very well w/ my undergrads. He's an option for the various TBAs, however.

Lear and Carroll I tend not to teach, although I sometimes do a chunk of ALICE in the lower div survey.


No criticisms -- I just wish I could take the class.


Apologies- I meant there should be no D.G. Rossetti!
The other absentees that occurred to me are Kipling and Housman, though you don't want to end up teaching a degree in Viclit..

Lisa Schweitzer

How lovely! During the student presentations, do they select the poems they want to present on?


Yes--the students get to assign their own readings.


A trivial question from somebody outside the US: how long are your classes? At my institution we teach in 1.5 h slots but I'm afraid my students would drop dead after that amount of time devoted wholly to trochaics.


This course is 50 minutes x 3 times per week; other scheduling options are 1 hr 15 min x 2 or 2 1/2 hrs x 1. This is pretty much standard, although some universities have slightly longer sessions.

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