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August 08, 2014



Off topic, I'm afraid.
Another addition to your "child in Victorian/Edwardian literature" writings is Saki/H.H. Munro in his short stories and the early parts of The Unbearable Bassington. His children are completely unlike those in any other books of the time and very convincing.


I'd never thought of Robert Player's Let's Talk of Graves .. as a response to Hadrian the Seventh, more as a fictional riff on the life of Manning in Strachey's Eminent Victorians.


Oh, it's definitely mostly Strachey's "Cardinal Manning," now that I've finished Let's Talk, but Player has Hadrian the Seventh sneakily tucked away in his bibliography. The basic idea is borrowed from Hadrian, and then Player fiddles around for a bit with its sanctimonious score-settling.

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