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September 12, 2014


Contingent Cassandra

I've been pretty unhappy with the Kessinger reprints I've bought (which, yes, means I, too, have bought a few -- two, I think). Are you sure they're taken from Google Books? I had the impression that they (or at least the ones I bought) were taken from microfilm instead -- perhaps Wright's American Fiction, in the case of the works I purchased. In any case, they're expensive, and tend to have entire missing or unreadable pages (the last pages, in the case of one volume I bought).

If I wanted a paper copy of a book that *is* available on Google Books, I'd get a store with an Espresso Book Machine to make me one (not all stores with the machines will do this, but I know that Harvard Book Store in Cambridge -- not to be confused with the Coop -- will, and will ship, and the total price would be better than Kessinger via Amazon, not to mention that one would get to preview the whole file from which the book would be printed first. Of course, if the PDF is on google books, one may not need a paper copy, but I could see producing affordable classroom copies of an obscure work this way.

Contingent Cassandra

P.S. As you're probably aware, sometimes things that aren't available in full on Google books (but are definitely out of copyright) are available on Hathi Trust (even if one doesn't belong to a member institution, and even, sometimes, although the available edition says it was digitized by Google).

I, too, am very curious (and more than a bit suspicious) about the underlying agreements governing which out-of-copyright Google-digitized books appear in full on Google Books, and which don't. It's very frustrating to find something which is clearly out of copyright in the original edition, and which clearly has been fully digitized, only available in part.


This book doesn't exist in full anywhere, and it's not taken from Wright, so...let's just say that its provenance is mysterious. GoogleBooks has it, but won't let anyone see it. It's all very bizarre, and one suspects shenanigans somewhere.

David Starner

It was once available on Google Books, and at that point someone uploaded it to the Internet Archive:

It seemed a little silly to copy books from Google Books to the Internet Archive, but it seems unfortunately necessary.


On another subject, are the Harding books any good? Any fun to read, I might put it, and worth a library browse?


I liked Florence & Giles quite a bit, so I'm looking forward to this one.

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