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November 30, 2014


Allen Hazen

Now you know what it's like to be a logician-- philosophers dismiss you as a mathematician, mathematicians dismiss you as a philosopher!

Allen Hazen

(Oh. As long s I'm subjecting you to comments from a philosopher, the "Currently Reading" feature on the left column of your blog says you are reading Ian Hacking's "The Taming of Chance." If you like it, I'd recommend some of his other stuff:
---"The emergence of probability" is a history (philosophically ENGAGED history) of the development of the probability concept and basic ideas of statistical reasoning.
---(on another topic) "Why does language matter to philosophy?" started out as lectures to students with a range of backgrounds: I think it is a very good introduction to the many different ways in which analytic philosophers have been concerned with language. (Stress: "introduction." This is intended for, and I think accessible to, people not already IN the analytic philosophy business!)

Both shortish books, written in a conversational tone.

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