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January 09, 2015



I'm looking forward to hearing about the Richard Dadd book -- I've wanted for a long time to see one of his paintings in the flesh, so to speak (I've been told they look exponentially more amazing when seen in person). A bizarre story, though I can't help thinking wistfully that there's nothing like 42 years of confinement to let you really buckle down and get some work done.

I remember my grandfather writing me some withering letters about Emma Tennant's books back in the nineties (he was a big Regency fan, but her Austen sequels did not impress him). I hope this one is better than the ones he read.


Several years ago (if memory serves) someone brought a Dadd painting to Antiques Roadshow. The owner had no idea who the artist was. I can't remember what the appraiser said it was worth, but it was certainly more than the owner was expecting.


Here's a link (you may have to copy and paste into your browser). It was on the British version of the show:,_the_halt_in_the_desert.aspx

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