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January 19, 2016


Allen Hazen

Yes. Sometimes the people who go to [academic conferences*] have to be talked to as if they were seven years old.
[*] technical jargon: Basic English makes exceptions for such, so maybe WCW's rule of one or two [syllables] can too.

Margaret Hunt


Dear ones! what can be done when the one who should be in charge is not in charge? Some chairs cannot tell time and have no watch! Microphones and AV are beyond them. They cannot decide: seats or podium? stand or sit? loud or soft? They start late. They are too timid to tell bad speakers they have spoken for too long. They let the bad speakers steal other speakers' time and don't make so much as a peep about it! Then other speakers have to rush and skip big points and they look sad and mad. Oh children, see how the bad chair cannot field questions? See how people are getting pissed and the front row is whispering things behind their hands? See how the bad chair's cell phone rings right in the middle of the comment? Now the bad chair is letting the panel run 15 minutes overtime, when everyone just wants a stiff drink. Oh what a bad chair! No one will ever ask the bad chair to run anything ever again.


Does WCW use singular THEY? Also, Hah. Also, good work, Margaret Hunt.

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