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April 18, 2016



It's amazing to me that an author who has never been employed in an academic department in a tenure track capacity (and thus presumably has never seen a department meeting from the viewpoint of a true insider or bothered to take the time to understand the concerns that motivate permanent and voting faculty to take certain decisions) writes over and over again about curriculum and the politics of hiring in academia as if she is an expert to so much apparent approval. This isn't the first incident. One would like to think that in graduate school one would learn to write essays that are not simply based on ones own prejudices but that involve actual investigation, and criticism of, data.


I wish I could 'like' the previous comment.

I would also point out that not all independent studies are alike. Both in my undergraduate/graduate education and in my job now, independent study was the way research credits were applied. They are 'free' to the administration as I don't get any load reduction or pay for them, but they aren't at all the 'closed door' experiences described in the referenced essay, and in no way do I think there is ever a subtext or opportunity for impropriety.

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