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September 10, 2016



I'm curious what size your undergraduate courses are. Ours vary wildly but even our "seminars" are now at 22; general majors classes (e.g. Victorian fiction) are 36; and intro and survey classes range from 90 to 360. We went down to a 2/2 load a few years ago on the promise (to the Dean) that we'd maintain capacity. There is some time-saving in reducing prep time, but there's no savings in marking time and a lot is lost in intimacy!


We keep classes much smaller (which is one of the school's selling points). Comp maxes out at 22, lower-div surveys at 40, upper-div surveys at 25, and capstone seminars around...18, IIRC. Our department doesn't use TAs as graders or instructors (grad students tutor and conduct workshops, though), although that's not a set rule across campus.

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