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May 10, 2019



You say that because your blog posts are "nowhere near publication-worthy" they don't deserve a place in a tenure file, and that the blog as a whole also does not. But was the argument for blogs "counting" in some way towards tenure ever that individual posts (or a whole blog) should reach published-article perfection to be included as part of an overall tenure portfolio? A blog is a different kind of communication, including and about scholarship. It creates or responds to conversations; it shares ideas and information; it personalizes scholarship; it chronicles work in progress; etc. The case (perhaps it failed, or perhaps you never agreed with it) was that this kind of public work had its own kind of value, wasn't it?


I think I've always been quite skeptical about this blog in relation to promotion and tenure, but we don't have a "public engagement" section in our APT document. So I could see blogging being tenure- and promotion-worthy at an institution that had that as part of their evaluative criteria, yes.


I'm not sure if you have done a great service to future scholars or not. You wade through enough obscure novels and the like to appreciate an author who does some pruning. On the other hand, I'm sure historians of the early internet would love to follow the evolution of the academic blog and explore its reactions to the advent of Twitter, Facebook and whatever new horror awaits us.

Please, don't tell me that you have deleted your real life paper writing text adventure.

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